Local Business Women raise over £7000 for the Animal Health Trust by running the Virgin London Marathon 2014

Sisters-in-law Julia Baldwin of Synergy Systems and Helen Cain of The Movable Feast ran the London Marathon in April 2014 and in doing so raised over £7000 for the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket.

Bitten by the running bug early in 2013, the duo went on to complete a number of races before the 'big one' earlier this month. What started as an invitation to run a 10k race in March 2013 for a friend’s birthday turned into quite an adventure!

The Animal Health Trust’s work is invaluable and far-reaching. It extends beyond the specialist veterinary referral clinics we turn to for assistance in those times of need. They invest in research in developing treatments for the prevention of injury and diseases. Scientific research into cancer prevention, identification of genetic mutation and inherited diseases, stem cell investigation, infectious diseases, DNA testing, clinical research - all so we might have better understanding, find treatments and cures for our four-legged friends. The AHT also run educational training, scholarships, publish journals and papers so that knowledge may be shared within the industry, inspire and encourage talented people to progress within this field – all for our animal’s benefit.

As part of their fundraising, they launched a series of equine education demonstrations, workshops and lectures with the talented Horses Inside Out and Parelli East Anglian Savvy Team. Developing on their passion for animals and horses in particular, Julia and Helen organised a fascinating series of events.

Horses Inside Out is a intriguing and fun way of learning, delivered by the dynamic and enthusiastic Gillian Higgins. By painting on the outside of the horse and rider, the lectures and workshops enable the attendee to learn about the muscular-skeletal system in a novel and engaging way. Its purpose is to show riders, horse owners, trainers and therapists how, by understanding the anatomy, bio-mechanics and physiology of the horse, they can improve performance, maintain top physical condition and manage horses for optimum muscular health to reduce the risk of injury.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship demonstrations by the Parelli East Anglian Savvy Team, introduce the Seven Games on-line and in the saddle. The team will demonstrate with their horses how to play the seven games on the ground to develop a relationship with your horse and how to take this leadership into the saddle with freestyle riding and then to finesse. The programme helps the rider understand their horse’s innate characteristics and behaviour and to know what to do to help their horse remain calm and connected in a variety of situations.

All proceeds from the events were donated to The Animal Health Trust, which as a charity relies on donations to fund its good work. “As the AHT push the boundaries of veterinary science for our benefit, we certainly pushed the boundaries of our physical capabilities! The training was hard work but immensely rewarding and even when the going got tough on the big day, we knew we had the support of everyone behind us”, Julia said. “We couldn't have done it without our families, friends, supporters and sponsors and cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity and support.” Helen added.

More information can be found at:-
Events dedicated website www.synergysystems.net/events
Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Ruff-Runners-London-Marathon-2014/349989705135238
Donations can still be made at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiser...